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  • Understanding the Different Types of Tire Repair for Trucks

    14 September 2023

    Your truck is an indispensable asset for you, whether for work, leisure, or both. It is important to keep your truck in good shape, including its tires. As you well know, tires are crucial components of any vehicle. They affect the ride quality, performance, efficiency, and safety of your truck. Unfortunately, tires are also prone to damage, punctures, and wear, especially when you drive on rough or harsh terrains. This post explains in simple terms the various types of tire repair available for trucks.

  • Should You Purchase Winter Tires Over Their All-Season Counterparts?

    8 February 2022

    Your tires play multiple roles when you are driving. To begin with, the tires work adequately to support the weight of your car while simultaneously absorbing the shocks that your car could be exposed to while on the road. Moreover, the tires are also responsible for transmitting both braking forces as well as torque when driving. Not to mention that with the right degree of tread and pressure, the tires will also function to keep you safe in varying driving conditions.

  • Why Innovation In The Tire Industry Is So Essential

    30 April 2019

    The wheel was invented millennia ago. Since then, people have been developing the wheel into more and more unique items and functions. When cars came along, it was really important to develop tires that would help cars move easily. As the decades passed, tires became more refined as much as they become more complicated in design. The innovation continues because innovation in the tire industry is absolutely necessary to the survival of the industry.

  • Three Signs Of Unaligned Tires

    27 December 2018

    The tires on your car experience a massive amount of physical pressure and wear through normal driving, which can alter the direction that they are pointing in over time.  When your tires become misaligned, it can increase the amount of wear that they experience, and also cause undue stress on your suspension system and other related components. Understanding what a couple of the more common signs of unaligned tires are can help you figure out when you should head to an tire service shop to have them realigned.

  • 3 Ways To Improve Your Laps In Competitive Racing

    16 October 2017

    No matter how fast your best time is, you undoubtedly want to get faster. After all, your competition is seeking to do the same. Fortunately, with small modifications to your racing style and your car, you can achieve the faster times that you want. To help you get started, here are a few ways to improve your lap times: Upgrade Your Tires Beginners to racing might not have the budget to get the best tires for the track.

  • 4 Things You Can Do To Extend The Life Of Your Tires

    4 October 2017

    You know that eventually you are going to have to get new tires because the rubber is going to wear down. However, there are certain things that you can do to reduce the wear on your tires so that they will last a little bit longer for you. 1. Keep an Eye on Your Tire Pressure At least once a month, or possibly every other time that you get gas, check to make sure your tires are properly inflated.

  • Why You Should Never Allow Your Tire Tread To Get Too Low

    2 October 2017

    As the owner of a vehicle, it is important to make sure that you are always keeping a close eye on the condition of your tires. If the tread gets too low, you could be put in a dangerous situation. The best thing to do is to have your tires replaced well before you ever get to the point of potentially dealing with these issues: You Risk Hydroplaning This is when water ends up between your tires and the road, instead of your tires being flat against the surface of the road.

  • 2 Updates To Prepare Your Truck For An Off-Road Adventure

    28 September 2017

    From having the ability to haul supplies and equipment to being able to drive through rough, rocky, or snowy terrain, it is easy to see the benefits of a truck. Unfortunately, not every truck is prepared for off-road type of adventures. Without having the right tires and right height, your truck may be at risk for severe damage to the underbody or shocks. Here are a few updates that will prepare your truck for an off-road adventure.

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Nitrogen Tires

    16 September 2017

    Tires that are filled with nitrogen are an alternative to the traditional air-filled car tire. Due to nitrogen's distinctive material characteristics, tires that are filled with this gas are given a unique set of advantages and disadvantages when compared to regular car tires. Understanding what filling your vehicle's tires with nitrogen has to offer you can help you figure out whether or not nitrogen tires are the right fit for your driving needs.

  • Picking The Right Tire For The Job

    15 September 2017

    There are few things that are as scary as losing control on the road when you are behind the wheel. It truly can be a helpless feeling, and often the loss of control can be prevented. There are on average over3,000 deaths caused by auto accidents each day. This is a terrifying statistic, but that does not even include the individuals that are injured. One of the most important aspects of your car safety is the tires that you choose to drive on.