Choosing Great Looking Wheels

Picking The Right Tire For The Job

by Tommy Brewer

There are few things that are as scary as losing control on the road when you are behind the wheel. It truly can be a helpless feeling, and often the loss of control can be prevented. There are on average over 3,000 deaths caused by auto accidents each day. This is a terrifying statistic, but that does not even include the individuals that are injured. One of the most important aspects of your car safety is the tires that you choose to drive on. There is a lot of engineering and technology that goes into making the tires that you drive suitable for specific conditions. Here are a few tires that you need to know about.

Summer Tires

Most of the driving that you do will be under good conditions. However, do not make the mistake that any tire can get the job done. Look for summer specific tires that have good tread. The summer specific tires will give you a very hard rubber so the tire can last longer. However, these hard tires will have a layer on the outside that gets a little sticky when heated up. this allows the traction of the tire to increase, and thus gives you better control over your car.

Winter Tires

If you will be driving in snow and ice type conditions, it is important that you choose to have a good winter tire. The winter tires will not be made out of hard rubber because the rubber needs to have the ability to flex. So, the rubber will be a little bit softer, but it is also common for small micro crystals to be infused and incorporated into the tire. These small crystals actually catch the snow and ice conditions and improve your traction. In the snow and the ice the more traction that you can get the better. 

Off-Road Tires

If you will be going off road in your truck or utility vehicle, the last thing that you want is to get stuck. Off road tires are engineered to give you the most traction possible in loose sands and dirt. They will usually have deep wide tread that allow your vehicle to grip the dirt and sand. These type of tires also have softer rubber to flex and grab the ground as much as possible. With the softer rubber, it is not a good idea to use these tires on the road. 

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