Choosing Great Looking Wheels

3 Ways To Improve Your Laps In Competitive Racing

by Tommy Brewer

No matter how fast your best time is, you undoubtedly want to get faster. After all, your competition is seeking to do the same. Fortunately, with small modifications to your racing style and your car, you can achieve the faster times that you want. To help you get started, here are a few ways to improve your lap times:

Upgrade Your Tires

Beginners to racing might not have the budget to get the best tires for the track. Unfortunately, if the tires are not suited for racing or they are old and worn, they can slow you down. If you have not upgraded your tires, now is the time to do so.

Tires, such as the Toyo Proxes race tires, offer better dry handling. The ability to keep control of your car as you are turning corners and making key moves is important to keep your time down. The Toyo tires also offer improved contact between the tire and the track. This means fewer chances for loss of control of the car.

Mount the Tires Correctly

In the excitement of quickly changing tires, your team could inadvertently run the offsets differently on each side of your car. The offset matters. The offset refers to the distance the wheels sticks out from the mounting surface. A small millimeter difference could impact the amount of control of your car. It can even impact the ride quality.

When the offset is a high positive, the wheel is closer to the mounting surface, which can cause problems with the design of the wheel. However, reversing the offset could mean better control and more clearance for your tires. Set a standard for the offset and ensure that all of your Toyo tires are being mounted with the same amount of clearance.

Focus on Your Performance

It can be challenging to stay focused on how you are performing in a race. There are other cars racing the same laps and they are in the competition to win. This could mean you could be targeted for aggressive driving tactics, such as pushing you towards the outside track.

Even though it might be difficult, you need to practice focusing on your performance. Focusing does not mean that you have to ignore the other drivers, but you also need to avoid being pulled into angry retaliatory actions for poor driving. It is a distraction that could cost you considerable time.