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2 Updates To Prepare Your Truck For An Off-Road Adventure

by Tommy Brewer

From having the ability to haul supplies and equipment to being able to drive through rough, rocky, or snowy terrain, it is easy to see the benefits of a truck. Unfortunately, not every truck is prepared for off-road type of adventures. Without having the right tires and right height, your truck may be at risk for severe damage to the underbody or shocks. Here are a few updates that will prepare your truck for an off-road adventure.


If you are planning to take your truck through harsh terrain, such as rocky, mountainous, or muddy areas, consider installing a lift kit. A lift will increase the space between the ground and your truck's suspension, which will protect it from serious damage while off-roading.

In addition, this larger amount of space will help you navigate efficiently through rough terrain. The higher clearance from your lifted suspension will help you move over rocks, around trees, and through mud or water.

Bigger is not always better when you are choosing a lift kit. If your truck will be used for more than just off-roading, start small and work your way up. Most people opt for a medium-sized lift of 2 inches, which works for both regular driving and off-road driving.

On the other hand, if your truck will be solely used for your off-roading adventures, there is no reason to not get a bigger lift kit.


A higher suspension means you will need larger tires. These larger tires will not only improve the look of your lifted truck, but they will also come in handy when driving off road.

All-terrain or specialty mud tires are essential for off-roading, but you may not know how to determine the size needed for your truck.

Again, if your truck will be used for commuting back and forth to work with an occasional trip off road, invest in all-terrain tires with a larger size that accommodates your lifted suspension. All-terrain tires work well off-road, but they are also suited for standard driving.

Specialty 4 x 4 tires are strong enough to take on mud, swampy areas, rocky terrain, and even snow and ice. They also have the toughest look of all tire types, but they are not ideal for driving on normal roads and highways.

Equipping your truck for the fun and excitement of going off road may seem expensive, but it is a worthwhile investment for your enjoyment and truck's value. With a lifted suspension and new tires, you will be ready for your adventure. Contact a tire shop, like Elite  Tire Co, for more help.