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How To Easily Fix A Scuff On Your Alloy Wheels

by Tommy Brewer

It can be easy to scuff you the rims on your vehicle. All you have to do to get a little too close to the curb and you can end up with a scuff on your nice alloy wheels. You can fix a minor scratch on your alloy wheels on your own with a few supplies and a little time:

#1 Clean Your Wheels

The first thing you need to do is deep clean your wheels. You want to make sure that you remove all the dirt and grime before you try to get rid of the scratch. One of the best ways to clean your allow wheels is by using paint thinner to clean the area. This will get rid of all the wax and polish that may be on your wheel. Just focus on cleaning the area right around the scratch.

#2 Sand & Putty Your Wheels

Second, you need to sand around the scratched area on your alloy wheel. Use a fine grit sandpaper, such as 240, for this work. Try to use a feather affect around the scratch, sanding in a feather pattern outward from the scratch.

After you sand it, you are going to want to apply putty over the scratch. The putty will dry quickly, especially if it is nice and warm outside. If the putty is too thick, you can sand it down so its more even with the rest of your tire.

#3 Cover Up Your Car

Third, you need to cover up everything you don't want to get paint on. You should put an old sheet over your car, and use masking tape to hold it in place. Put paper around the areas of your wheel that you are not painting as well. The paint you are going to use can really stick to your vehicle and create a big mess for you, so make sure that you cover it up really well.

#4 Apply Primer To The Scratch

Fourth, apply some putty that is designed to fill in scratches on wheels. Once you put the putting in place, let it sit and dry. Then, sand down the putty so that it is smooth. Apply some more putty primer and sand again. You want the area to be smooth and covered with primer so that paint will properly stick to the wheel.

#5 Paint The Damaged Area

Fifth, it is time to paint the damage area. You are going to use a spray can of silver metallic paint to cover up the damaged area that you sanded and primed with putty. You should wear a mask, gloves and goggles to ensure that you don't get paint on yourself. Hold the can back about a foot away from the damage area and spray in a sweeping motion back and forth. You may want to practice on some cardboard if you have never really used spray paint. You want a smooth spray; you don't want to leave drips behind on your wheel.

#6 Apply Clear Coat

Finally, apply a couple of layers of clear coat on top of the silver paint. This will help ensure that the paint you applied will stick and stay in place. Be sure to allow the paint to dry in between each clear coat. Remove the cover from your car and tire when you are done with the clear coat.

In a couple of days, you should polish your tire. This will make your entire alloy tire look great. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.